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Can you use the Mini Device on lips & eyes or do you have to use the Effective Lip & Eye Attachment or FIX® Device?Updated a year ago

The Mini was designed to treat the large, linear muscles of the face and neck, like the jawline and jowls, cheeks, and forehead. The muscles surrounding the eyes and lips are delicate, circular muscles and require more precise, gentle microcurrent therapy. For this reason, we recommend using the FIX® Device or the Trinity® Device with Effective Lip & Eye Attachment. The FIX Device uses small spheres to deliver low microcurrent to the surface layer of skin to instantly blur fine lines and wrinkles and is so small that it can be used in small areas like the under eye and between brows, or all over the face. The Trinity ELE attachment features dual wands spaced & sized to deliver microcurrent to those hard-to-reach areas. Along with blurring fine lines and wrinkles on the skin's surface, the ELE Attachment will also treat down to the facial muscles around the eyes and lips to lift and tone for long-term transformation.
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