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How do I care for my Mini Device?Updated a year ago

CARING FOR YOUR MINI DEVICE CLEANING: Use a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth with water or rubbing alcohol to clean your device after every treatment. Do not immerse device in water at any time. CHARGING: Before first use, charge your Mini Device for 12 hours. For continued optimal battery life, it is recommended to charge your Mini Device at least once a week for 8 hours. BATTERY CARE: For ideal battery life, charge your Mini Device when the low battery indicator begins (low tone beep). If the battery power is drained completely, a full charge cycle of 12 hours is recommended before use. If the device is to be disposed of, do not put into a fire. Dispose of the device and its batteries per local regulations. Use caution prior to using the device if it has been stored or not used for an extended period of time. Inspect the device and do not use it if there are any signs of internal battery leaks.
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