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What's the difference between Mini and MINI+?

The new MINI+ Petite Smart Facial Toning Device has exclusive NuFACE 3-Depth Technology has three output modes to target your skin and muscles to instantly blur fine lines and wrinkles, give your face a tighter, lifted look and a toned, contoured

How do I reset my MINI+ Device?

To reset your device to factory settings, plug your MINI+ device to the power supply. • Hold down the power button for 10 seconds. • The 1st and 3rd LEDs will blink three (3) times. • Once the LEDs stop blinking you may unplug and start using your

I have Bell's Palsy, is there a technique for using the device to help with that?

NuFACE recommends that you seek out a professional microcurrent treatment with a skilled practitioner when treating medical conditions, such as Bell’s Palsy. The practitioner or Dr. should be the one to make recommendations of prescribed use for

Where is the serial number located on the MINI+ Device?

You will find the serial number located on the body of the device at the very bottom.

How often should I use my MINI+ for optimal results?

For optimal instant results and long-lasting benefits over time, we recommend you use your device for at least 5 minutes a day, 5x a week for first 60 days; then 2-3x a week to maintain results.

How long do I need to charge my MINI+ initially for the first time when I receive it?

Charge your Mini+ device for 4 hours before the first use or until all three (3) LED indicator lights are lit solid. When first plugged in, the lights will increasingly illuminate, indicating that your device is charging. Your device is fully charged

How do I adjust the microcurrent intensity on my device?

Once powered on, quickly depress the power button to shift levels; you should see the LED indicator lights illuminate according to level: • Minimum Intensity - First light illuminated • Medium Intensity - First & second light illuminated • Maximum

How do I properly clean my MINI+ Device?

Slightly dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with water to wipe down after every treatment, or for a deeper clean, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Which PLUS+ device is the right one for me?

The NuFACE Smart Facial Toning Devices were made with your skin goals in mind. If you are a more advanced user who wants the ability to customize your treatment with additional attachments and a +25% Microcurrent Boost Button, then the TRINITY+

What are the differences between the MINI+ and Trinity Pro?

The Trinity® PRO has a higher microcurrent output at 400 microamps. The MINIi+ has 340 microamps and 3-Depth Technology that can be adjusted with Bluetooth pairing. The NuFACE MINI+ does not have the multi-solution attachment capability of the NuFACE

What does Hertz mean and how is it different from frequency and microccurent?

Microcurrent waveforms tell us the frequency, measured in Hertz. It is like changing the chanel on a radio, they are a graphic representation of the path, shape, direction and pulse of the delivery of the electrical current. Whereas Microamps are the

I have the Trinity (Pro) with all attachments. Which is stronger and what should I do with all my attachments, when I buy the MINI+?

You can still access our NuFACE Smart App with your existing Trinity Device for guided tutorials, reminders and treatment tracking. You would only need the MINI+ to access the two app exclusive treatments or for an on-the-go more travel device!

Will NuFACE still sell the previous Trinity and Mini devices?

You can still find previous devices in limited quantities, while supplies last on

How do I connect my MINI+ device to the NuFACE Smart App?

To connect your device to the NuFACE Smart App, please follow these easy steps: 1) Download the NuFACE Smart App on your phone 2) Follow the prompts to add your device 3) Select your preferred treatment 4) Start lifting along with us!

How do I charge my MINI+ device to maximize battery life?

For ideal battery life, we recommend charging your device when the low battery indicator (1 LED light only) is displayed on your device and the indicator tone starts to descend. Plug the charger into a wall outlet away from water, and within a

How long will a fully charged MINI+ device last?

A fully charged device should last for approximately 2 weeks of use based on daily usage of 5 minutes.

My MINI+ device is turning off by itself. Is this normal?

This intended by design to help you time your treatments! The device will automatically shut off after 20 minutes of use. If it turns off before you've completed treatment, simply press the power button to turn it back on.

How do I turn off my MINI+ device?

Hold down the power button for two seconds, until the device's lights turn off completely.

Can I turn the hum on and off on my MINI+ device?

If you'd prefer to turn off the energizing hum of the TRINITY+ or MINI+ device, you can change this setting by downloading the NuFACE Smart App and following these simple steps: 1) Add your device 2) Access "Settings" 3) Select the appropriate device

Can I turn the device beeps on and off on the device?

You cannot turn the beeps on and off. The audible sounds coming from your device were designed to help guide you through your treatment simply and effectively.

What is the difference between water-resistent and waterproof?

Trinity+ and Mini+ Devices are designed to be water-resistent to protect against humidity and light water exposure, but are not waterproof. DO NOT submerge your device in water at any time.

What are the exact dimensions of the MINI+?

MINI+ Device: H: 93mm W: 69mm D: 33mm Weight: 142 grams

What is the lifespan of each device if properly taken care of?

While there is no specific amount of time that guarantees the life of your device, with proper cleaning and device care, your device should last for years to come.

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