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NuFACE® Super Boosters

What are the ingredients in the Super Boosters?

Both of our Ionized Super Boosters have completely clean ingredients, with super powerful benefits. See below! Super Antioxidant Booster • Superfruit Blend (Blueberry, Wolfberry, & Cranberry) helps promote skin detoxification • Green Tea Extract

Is the Super Booster formula oil-free?

Every emulsion will have what is called “an oil phase�� which is made up of ingredients that are either oils, waxes, butter, or oil soluble (water-hating/repelling). It’s all about the perfect balance that we achieve with our formulations to set an

Can I use the booster before my NuFACE® treatment?

Yes, using Super Boosters before you apply your Microcurrent Activator will enhance your microcurrent treatment. Be sure to cleanse your face before applying your booster.

Can I use the booster serum at night before bed?

Yes—you can absolutely use the booster serums day and/or night!

Can I use the boosters every day?

Yes, the boosters can be used daily, morning and night.

Can I mix the booster with any of my skincare or your skincare?

Our Ionized Super Boosters can be mixed or cocktailed together to customize your skincare routine prior to applying your Microcurrent Activator then lift with your favorite NuFACE Device. Follow your microcurrent treatment with your regular regimen

Are the Boosters FDA-cleared like the Microcurrent Activators?

Our boosters are not FDA-cleared. Since our Ionized Super Boosters are cosmetic products that are not designed to be paired directly for use with our microcurrent devices, unlike our Microcurrent Activators which are paired with the NuFACE Device to

Which Ionized Super Booster is best for me?

Super Antioxidant Booster is an antioxidant-rich booster that shields skin against potential damage caused by blue light and other environmental aggressors while leaving your skin instantly looking tighter, brighter, and smooth. Super Peptide Booster

How long will my Booster last?

Based on an average of 3 drops per use, your Ionized Super Booster should last at least one month. However, this depends on your own unique usage habits and frequency.

How many booster drops should I apply to my face?

We recommend you apply 3-5 drops per use for full-face coverage.

What is the number of treatments per booster?

You can enjoy treatments with our Boosters for 60-90 days (or 129-215 treatments) depending on if you use 3-5 drops when applying. Enjoy!

Can the Booster be placed in the fridge?

Yes, our Ionized Super Boosters can be placed in the fridge for a cool, refreshing application!

Can the Booster be applied with the brush?

Since these formulas are super concentrated, we want you to get the most out of every drop— sometimes product can get lost in the bristles of an application brush. We recommend you using your fingertips to apply our Ionized Boosters.

However, we do not recommend blending our Vita-C Booster with any non-NuFACE serums. This will decrease the formulation’s targeted benefits to help diminish discoloration and sun-spots.

Yes, you can layer and super-boost your routine by mixing them together for clients who are time compressed or don't have specific skin concerns. However, for best results target skin concerns head-on—we recommend that our clients use each Super

Do these Supper Boosters contain any fragrance?

Our Ionized Super Boosters are completely fragrance-free.

Will there be one specific for sensitive skin?

Our Super Booster serums are great for all skin types and are formulated without sulfates and drying alcohols, and are only designed with completely clean ingredients to keep even sensitive skin super happy!

Are the boosters Clean at Sephora?

Yes, our Ionized Super Boosters are formulated to be Clean at Sephora!

Which Super Booster is better for acne prone skin?

Our Super Peptide Booster could help assist in the prevention of scarring since our peptides help to build and restructure collagen. However, we always recommend consulting with your dermatologist before using any new skincare products if you have

Can I mix the boosters together?

You can either use our Super Ionized Boosters individually for your unique skin concerns or mixed together to customize and simplify your skincare regimen.

Can I mix the boosters with the microcurrent activator?

No, the boosters should be applied separately. If you’re looking to add Super Booster serums into your routine, we recommend applying them prior to your Microcurrent Activator. Hope this helps!

Can the booster replace my microcurrent activator?

No, the NuFACE Super Boosters do not replace the NuFACE® Microcurrent Activators. Activators are an essential part of your microcurrent routine, as they conduct microcurrent from your device down to the facial muscles, whereas Super Booster serums

Should or could I use my super booster without my microcurrent device?

You can fully customize your routine by using Super Booster serums as a standalone booster-serum treatment or prior to Microcurrent Activator to enhance and prolong treatment results! For best results, you should incorporate our Super Boosters into

Can I use the booster with my TRINITY/MINI/FIX device?

Our Ionized Super Boosters can be applied on a cleansed face prior to applying your activator, but cannot be used alone with the device. We designed these Super Boosters specifically to be used before your Microcurrent Activator to help enhance your

Can I use the super booster on my hands/neck/decollete? How much should I use if I want to cover those areas?

A few drops on back of hands, neck, and décolleté daily will give you the nourishing benefits skin craves.

Is the Super Booster packaging sustainable?

We are proud to say that all of the packaging for our Super Boosters are completely sustainable and recyclable (except for the rubber stopper on the dropper). See below: a. Glass bottle with dropper—100% recyclable b. FSC approved carton—made from

Are the Super Boosters considered to be vegan/cruelty free?

All NuFACE® products are formulated to be cruelty-free and do not contain animal-derived ingredients.

Do you need to shake the booster bottle before dispensing?

No need to shake before use.

The Booster is pilling on my skin, what do I do?

You may be experiencing pilling because of too much product—we recommend reducing the amount you're applying.

Can the boosters be used under makeup?

Yes, you can totally use our Ionized Super Boosters under makeup!

Can I use the boosters before/after sunscreen?

Yes, you can use our Ionized Super Boosters with your sunscreen/SPF products. We recommend applying the boosters as you would a serum. Sunscreen should be your last and final step in your skincare routine and applied on top of the boosters.

Can I add the boosters into my moisturizer?

You absolutely can mix our Ionized Boosters into your daily moisturizer. We love this idea for simplifying your skincare routine.

Where can I review the full Booster ingredient listings?

You can view the full ingredient listings on! Super Peptide Booster: Super Antioxidant Booster: Super Vita-C Booster:

Should I discontinue using my current serum?

No need to—our Super Boosters were designed to be applied with your routine to add extra nourishing benefits and enhance your treatments! We recommend using other serums after lifting with your NuFACE Device, so they do not interfere with the

What’s the difference between a your Vitamin C serum vs another brand’s?

Unlike other serums and boosters, our Vita-C Booster is oil-free and formulated with active ions helping to enhance your microcurrent treatment when used BEFORE Microcurrent Activator. This Vita-C Booster also helps you to fully customize your

Is the Vita-C Booster used in the morning or evening?

You can absolutely use either Vita-C whatever time you prefer! There’s no difference between applying it morning or night, just as long as you’re using it daily to promote an even tone and diminish discoloration—you can even use 2X daily, if needed!

Why did NuFACE create these booster serums?

We wanted to boost your skin even further than your Facial-Lift. By adding these Ionized Super Boosters into your routine, you feed skin the nurtrients it needs to prevent damage from environmental aggressors such as blue light and help with signs of

What skin types is each booster for?

All of our Ionized Super Boosters were specifically designed for all skin types.

Where do booster serums fit in my routine? Should I use them in the morning, evenings or both?

You can use them both morning and night if you would like to. When using prior to lifting, a Microcurrent Activator must be applied before you start using your NuFACE® Device.

Is there reason to have all 3 Super Boosters?

We love to cocktail our Super Boosters together for powerful benefits or use each when our skin is craving something specific—each booster targets different skin concerns and enhances your microcurrent treatment. • If you have all 3, what’s the

What is the difference between the Vita-C boosters and the other two Super Boosters?

We made all of our Super Boosters for specific targeted treatments for your needs. • Vita-C vs Antioxidant Super Antioxidant Booster is a preventative booster, defending skin against 98% of oxidative stress caused by blue light and other

Can I mix the Vita-C booster with my other non-NuFACE® serums? Skincare?

We do not recommend blending our Vita-C Booster with any non-NuFACE serums. This will decrease the formulation’s targeted benefits to help diminish discoloration and sun-spots.

How quickly can you see and/or feel results from using the super boosters?

You will notice an immediate, dewy glow and enhanced hydration - but be aware that long-term transformation comes over time with consistent use! You should expect to see visible results between 6-12 weeks.

What is the Super Peptide and the Super Anti-oxidant Boosters shelf life unopened?

Our Super Ionized Boosters are shelf-stable for 3 years if unopened at room temperature.

What is the shelf-life of the Vita-C Booster unopened?

Unopened shelf-life of our Vita-C Booster is 2 years—always check the date on the bottom of the bottle!

Once opened how long is the Booster effective for?

Each Ionized Booster is effective for about 12 months.

Does the Super Vita-C Booster help with blemishes and sun-spots?

Yes, the Super Vita-C Booster is formulated to reduce discoloration and sun-spots and promote an even skin tone. Hope this helps!

Does the Super Vita-C have a scent?

Yes, it is a very light citrus scent that will dissipate upon application.

Do the Super Boosters contain a fragrance?

All Super Booster serums are formulated without added fragrance.