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What areas can I treat with the NuBODY®?

The NuBODY® can be used to reduce the appearance of dimples and visibly tone and firm skin on your arms, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, and booty.

Can I use my NuFACE Trinity® instead of the NuBODY®?

Both the Trinity® and the NuBODY® use microcurrent technology, however, the Trinity is designed to treat the neck and face while the NuBODY is specifically designed to tone and lift skin on larger areas of the body. The NuBODY is the first

Should I shave before using NuBODY®?

Hair can conduct microcurrent, so you may feel the microcurrent in an area where you have hair. If you are going to shave before using NuBODY®, we recommend doing it the day before. Remember to use your NuBODY device on clean, dry skin and apply your

Can I use the NuBODY® if I have crepey skin and lymphedema?

We do not have any contraindication to using NuFACE® Devices if you have crepey skin and lymphedema. If you have additional concerns, please consult your doctor/physician before using your NuBODY Device.

Can I use the NuBODY® with a body cream or oil?

In clinical trials, results were shown using the NuBODY® Device with Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer or Hydrating Aqua Gel Activator on clean, dry skin. Use directly after the shower or cleanse the treatment area any time with our Prep-N-Glow®

For NuBODY®, what do you consider to be an oil-free body wash?

We recommend steering clear of body oils or rich, oil-based body washes. Typical body washes with a small amount of botanical oils are ideal, as the oil in those body washes will rinse off in the shower.

Can I use the NuBODY® over my stretch marks, scars or moles?

The NuBODY® is safe to use over stretch marks, scars, and moles.

Why is my NuBODY® turning off?

The NuBODY automatically turns off after 5 minutes to perfectly time your treatments! If you haven't completed your session, you can simply turn it back on to finish.

Can I use the NuBODY® around the bust line?

The NuBODY® may be used around the under bust line. Please be sure to keep treatment areas away from the breast tissue and décolleté. For any specific medical concerns, please consult with your physician.

How stong are the NuBODY® currents?

Our NuBODY offers a variety of microamp intensity levels, ranging from low to highest level, which is 900 uA.Please note that muscles in the body are larger than facial muscles, which requires stronger microcurrent to be able to treat them.