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Where is the serial numbers located on the TRINITY+ Device?

Our NuFACE® TRINITY+ Device has a serial number located on bottom of device.

Will the shiny spheres have fewer issues with wearing and delaminating?

Yes, they have been tested extensively to resist wear and tear and stand up to daily use.

Can the device be stored in the bathroom at all times?

TRINITY+ and MINI+ Devices are designed to be water-resistant to protect against humidity and light water exposure, but are not waterproof. DO NOT submerge your device in water at any time. You can, however, store your device in the bathroom -

TRINITY+ Device states it is water resistant so will my device be ok if accidentally dropped in the bathtub?

TRINITY+ and MINI+ Devices are designed to be water-resistant to protect against humidity and light water exposure, but are not waterproof. DO NOT submerge your device in water at any time. You can, however, store your device in the bathroom -

What are the exact dimensions of the TRINITY+?

Facial Trainer Attachment: H: 132mm W: 65mm D: 40mm Weight: 249grams ELE Attachment: H: 154mm W: 62mm D: 30mm Weight:202grams TWR Attachment: H:136mm W: 66 mm D: 42mm Weight: 206grams Trinity Cradle: H: 58mm W: 76mm D: 68mm Weight: 207grams

Does charging the TRINITY+ device with the attachment on it affects the attchment longevity?

No, charging the device with the attachments connected will not affect attachment longevity.

What's the difference between using FIX Vs Skin tightening app exclusive treatment?

FIX Device uses 8.3 hertz and 200 uA, for specific use around the more delicate hard to reach regions of the face. Our FIX Device smaller spheres are precisely spaced to superficially focus on flooding microcurrent energy at the surface of the skin

What does Hertz mean and how is it different from frequency and microccurent?

Microcurrent waveforms tell us the frequency, measured in Hertz. It is like changing the chanel on a radio, they are a graphic representation of the path, shape, direction and pulse of the delivery of the electrical current. Whereas Microamps are the

Does the TRINITY+ dock charge wirelessly?

You must insert the charger into the dock before placing the TRINITY+ inside for charging—it does not provide wireless charging.

How long does the Boost Button last when you press it?

The Boost Button on our TRINITY+ was designed to give an extra oomph of microcurrent to areas you want it most. Once you turn it on, it will remain on (giving an extra 25% of microcurrent power) until you turn it off by pressing the Boost Button

What does a Boost Button do and how high do microamps go?

The TRINITY+ has a Boost Button that gives you +25% more microcurrent to areas you need a little extra TLC (tone, lift, and contour), for a total of 425 microamps when the Boost Button is used.

How and why would I use the Boost Button?

Our Boost Button on the TRINITY+ was designed to let you customize your treatments by allowing you to add 25% more microcurrent power to areas that you feel need that little extra oomph! To use, simply press during your treatment until you are

Why should I buy the TRINITY+ over the previous Trinity Device?

Our team spent four years using customer feedback to rigorously develop our most advanced device yet. The Trinity+ features the microcurrent technology you know and love, plus enhanced features like app compatibility, 3-Depth Technology, and the

How often should I use my TRINITY+ for optimal results?

For optimal instant results and long-lasting benefits over time, we recommend you use your device 5x a week for first 60 days; then 2-3x a week to maintain results.

How do I reset my TRINITY+ or TRINITY+ PRO device?

To reset your TRINITY+ Device, place it in the charging cradle while plugged into a wall outlet. Once the LEDs stop blinking you may start using your device.

When will the TRINITY+ be available for purchase?

The TRINITY+ is now available on!

How many intensity levels does the TRINITY+ PRO have? Does it have a Boost Button also?

The TRINITY+ PRO has three intensity levels and comes equipped with a Boost Button to help give clients 25% more microcurrent power where they need it most.

How long do I need to charge my TRINITY+ initially for the first time when I receive it?

Charge your TRINITY+ device for ten (10) hours before the first use or until all three (3) LED indicator lights are lit solid. When first plugged in, the lights will increasingly illuminate, indicating that your device is charging. Your device is

How do I properly clean my TRINITY+ Device?

Slightly dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with water to wipe down after every treatment, or for a deeper clean, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Which PLUS+ device is the right one for me?

The NuFACE Smart Facial Toning Devices were made with your skin goals in mind. If you are a more advanced user who wants the ability to customize your treatment with additional attachments and a +25% Microcurrent Boost Button, then the TRINITY+

Will NuFACE still sell the previous Trinity and Mini devices?

Yes, previous devices will still be available on in limited quantities, while supplies last.

How do I connect my device to the NuFACE Smart App?

To connect your device to the NuFACE Smart App, please follow these easy steps: 1) Download the NuFACE Smart App on your phone 2) Follow the prompts to add your device 3) Select your preferred treatment 4) Start lifting along with us!

How do I charge my device to maximize battery life?

For ideal battery life, we recommend charging your device when the low battery indicator (1 LED light only) is displayed on your device and the indicator tone starts to descend. Plug the charger into a wall outlet away from water, and within a

How long will a fully charged device last?

A fully charged device should last for approximately 2 weeks of use based on daily usage of 5 minutes.

Does the TRINIRTY+ device have an auto shut-off option?

Yes, the auto-off feature is intended to help you time your treatments! The device will automatically shut off after 20 minutes of use. If it turns off before you've completed treatment, simply press the power button to turn it back on.

How do I turn off my device?

Hold down the power button for two seconds, until the device's lights turn off completely.

Can I turn the hum on and off?

If you'd prefer to turn off the energizing hum of the Trinity+ or Mini+ device, you can change this setting by downloading the NuFACE Smart App: 1) Add your device 2) Access "Settings" 3) Select the appropriate device under "My Devices" 4) Toggle the

Can I turn the device beeps on and off on the device?

You cannot turn the beeps on and off. The audible sounds coming from your device were designed to help guide the precisely timed treatments that you'll want to deliver to your focus areas as you lift.

What is the difference between water-resistent and waterproof?

TRINITY+ and MINI+ Devices are designed to be water-resistent to protect against humidity and light water exposure, but are not waterproof. DO NOT submerge your device in water at any time.

What is the lifespan of each device if properly taken care of?

While there is no specific amount of time that guarantees the life of your device, with proper cleaning and device care, your device should last for years to come.

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